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Virtual & Augmented Reality - Issue #

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Virtual & Augmented Reality

We provide you with a list of handpicked stories from this fascinating industry, and as well events, videos, podcasts and sparks of inspiration.

Hello everyone!
This is our new selection of articles with which we hope to delight and inspire your explorations into this fascinating new medium!
Love Karina & Yonca

Ubiquity6 lets your friends visit your augmented reality - MIT Technology Review
5 best museum AR and VR art experiences to try this summer
Reality Remix – ///SPACE///PLACE///INTERFACE///
Techstars Startup Digest Virtual & Augmented Reality is curated by:
Pedro Ferreira Pedro Ferreira - Founder of Xperience Plus - Focusing on the Internet of Senses - Immersive Experiences - XR • Passionate about Entrepreneurship, Technology. Futurism, Innovation, and Disruption
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